5 Ways To Talk About CBD Wellness With Your Grandparents

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Posted on December 30th, 2020 to CBD Products

Like many of us, you are starting to worry about your grandparent’s health. Maybe they seem more lethargic. Maybe they are struggling to recover from an illness or surgery, the reasons are endless. The point is, you want to help them find a long-term solution to support their wellness. Did you know almost 1 in 5 people over the age of 50 use CBD for health? It may be time to talk to Nana. If CBD is an alternative route you’re open to exploring here are 5 ways to start a conversation about CBD wellness with your Grandparents.

1. Inquire About Their Health

Start the conversation at the beginning. Ask them how they are feeling. This is a great way to learn more about your grandparents and their health needs. Regardless of your prescription of their health, it is important to hear their personal take. Whether they are happy or actually want help.

2. Find Out Whether They Think Their Medication Helps

Try talking to them about their health in a real way. Do they find their treatments to be helping? Often, people aren’t asked about whether they are getting better. They have been on medications so long to manage, they may be unhappy with the results or are looking for another solution.

3. Ask About Their Thoughts on Alternative Approaches to Health

Consider this question the most important of all. If your grandparent has used alternative medicine or looked into it in the past. This may be a great segway for them to consider the use of CBD for their wellness.

4. Be Honest

Talking about health concerns can be difficult, especially because our health is so personal. When talking to your grandparents about their health let them know that you are asking because you love them. You are asking because you want them to be well. This isn’t about you prying or trying to control them. You are hoping to guide them towards a solution that can improve their quality of life.

5. Keep The Conversation Open

This may be part of several conversations you have with your aging loved one. There are plenty of misconceptions and stigmas associated with CBD use. View this as an opportunity to learn more about how CBD can improve wellness.

If you are looking for support and health help for your grandparents, family, or friend please contact the Hempeutics Pharmacy team. Our staff of medical professionals can help guide you towards a natural CBD remedy to support your wellness needs. Contact us here for an in-person or virtual consultation.

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