Why Are Baby Boomers Using CBD Health Remedies?

Posted on December 28th, 2020 to CBD Products

Health is vital. With prescription drug costs on the rise, many Baby Boomers are turning to CBD remedies. There are several reasons outside of cost that contribute to this trend. People 65 years of age or older make up only 13% of the population, yet they make up one-third of all outpatient spending on prescription medications in the United States.

The Prescription Concerns of Baby Boomers

Understanding the needs of older patients is essential. One of the primary reasons older patients are paying so much for prescriptions is the long-term need. Many ailments are only being managed through prescription drug use, with older patients often taking multiple prescriptions at once.

Another issue with those experiencing a decline in mental sharpness is the risk of improper use of medication. With so many prescription drugs having adverse health effects when misuse takes place. There are added dangers and potential health consequences to the misuse of these prescriptions.

With many Baby Boomers on fixed incomes, some may look to using another person’s remaining medication to save money. Or even riskier, stop taking medication entirely due to the costs.

A Shift Away From Long-Term Prescriptions

As we age, there are higher rates of comorbid illnesses, changes in our body’s ability to metabolize drugs, and dangers related to how multiple prescriptions will interact.

Baby Boomers are looking for treatments that are safe, more cost-effective, and offer an end to prescription drug use. Even with all of the myths and misinformation around CBD. Many Baby Boomers are starting to find the benefits of CBD for treating their health ailments.

The departure from prescription drugs and to more holistic treatments like the use of CBD among Baby Boomers makes sense. With life expectancies increasing. Baby Boomers are looking at what their quality of life can be through alternative treatments. For those interested in learning more about CBD remedies for health, contact us here.

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