Can CBD relieve your pet’s itchiness?

CBD for pet pain

Posted on February 21st, 2022 to CBD for Pets

Can CBD relieve your pet’s itchiness?

CBD has become popular amongst people nowadays and is used regularly in one form or another by many people. This popularity is because its benefits for the human body have become widely known. However, one topic that we should bring under the limelight is CBD for our beloved pets. Recent research has shown that CBD could potentially provide pets with as many benefits as it provides us. This blog discusses how CBD could benefit our pets, specifically providing relief for itchiness and rashes, an issue that is common amongst most pets. Read on to find out more!

Itchiness and rashes in animals

Have you ever noticed your pet obsessively itching a specific body part, such as their tailor leg? Most pet owners would answer yes to this question. Itchiness in pets, especially dogs, is very common and could be due to several reasons, but one sure thing is that it can be very uncomfortable for a pet. They compulsively scratch, lick themselves and rub their bodies against the carpet to relieve it but all that does is cause a painful rash. A few common reasons that could be causing the itchiness and rashes are:

  • Fleas or other parasites
  • Rash due to hot weather
  • Allergies
  • Infections
  • Genetics
  • Cancer

CBD for itchiness and rashes

Research has shown that CBD could be an effective treatment for itching in pets. A study conducted by Dr. Andrew Rosenberg, a veterinary dermatologist, evaluated the use of CBD to relieve itching in dogs. The dose for CBD was 2 mg/kg twice a day for a month, and there was a placebo group. The results show that CBD does improve itchiness and rashes in dogs. Our Pet Calm Tincture contains CBD and CBN, which work together to promote a calming state in your pet and relieve the itchiness/irritation. It also contains Herring oil, a source of Omega-3, and provides additional nutrients for a shiny, healthy coat. The Pet Heal Tincture works to heal skin rashes or wounds that could result from itching. It contains a combination of CBD, CBG, Fish oil that contains omega-3 and is beneficial for healthy skin. It also assists with overall health, energy, and mood. 

CBD for other ailments in pets

  • Pain management: CBD could be an effective way to provide pain relief for pets experiencing pain due to any reason. The pain could be due to anything, including old age, injury, or disease. A study found that CBD oil given to dogs with osteoarthritis resulted in a significant decrease in pain and a substantial increase in activity level. 
  • Anxiety and behavioral problems: A huge complaint from many pet owners is observable anxiety resulting in behavioral issues. Your pet could be going through anxiety due to different reasons, including change of environment, past trauma or history of abuse/neglect, traveling, and loud noises. A study done by the University of Kentucky found that giving CBD to dogs with aggressive tendencies due to stressors that induce fear/anxiety promoted a decrease in aggressive behavior over a 15 day treatment period. CBD has shown to be an effective anxiolytic for humans and now for our pets as well. It can calm down your pet and help them relax.
  • Cancer: A recent study found that CBD can cause a significant decrease in the reproduction of canine cancer cells. When combined with chemotherapy, there was a more substantial reduction in cancer cells than chemotherapy alone. 

How to use our pet products

We want to ensure your pet ingests the product properly and does not spit it out. You can add drops of the product to the pet’s food or a treat, which seems to be the best way for administration. If you are more comfortable with a topical application, you can apply the CBD product to bare skin, inside the ears, or on their paws which will be helpful when they lick it off. We suggest oral administration because the absorption rate is faster and will provide your pet with relief more efficiently. Smaller pets may need smaller doses multiple times a day due to a faster metabolism. Please refer to our product descriptions on the website for dosage charts or consult with our pharmacist to find out your pet’s specific needs.

Will CBD get my pet high, and is it legal?

CBD does not cause a high in pets. It does not bind to the CB1 receptor, and our pet products contain less than 0.3% THC. CBD is legal as the 2018 Farm Bill allows the use of hemp and its extracted compounds as long as the THC concentration remains below 0.3% and our pet products comply with this law. It is essential to make sure any CBD products your pet consumes have been lab-tested and come with a certificate of analysis. We are transparent with our customers and provide them with high-quality products so they can give their beloved pets the best quality care.


Contact us for a free consultation from our in-house licensed pharmacist, Dr. Peggy, to discuss the best options for your pet. We specialize in custom compounding to meet your pet’s specific health needs.

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