CBD: A Possible Alternative for Prescription Drugs

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Posted on March 7th, 2022 to CBD for Pain

Are you taking prescription medication for pain? Are you concerned about addiction? You might find it difficult to wean off prescription medication when the pain is persistent, and you do not know what else you can do for relief. The answer is simple; our bodies are sensitive, and we should treat them with all-natural and organic healing remedies. Research has shown that CBD, derived from hemp, can relieve pain and inflammation without any side effects or the possibility of addiction. Read on to find out more!

Prescription Drug Abuse

There has been a significant rise in prescription drug abuse. In addition, It is essential to understand that no one intends to get addicted when taking a prescription drug; it just happens. Our bodies get used to the administration of prescription drugs. Due to this, we continue taking the medication even when it is no longer needed. Similarly, other health risks come with taking prescription drugs—for example, irregular heartbeats, seizures, hostility, paranoia, and overdose that can be fatal. 128,000 Americans die each year as a result of taking prescription medication.

How Does Prescription Drug Abuse Start?

The most common reasons for taking prescription drugs include:

CBD as an Alternative Approach

In light of the issue at hand, research has shown that CBD can help with the reasons listed above. Several studies on animals have shown that CBD has anti-inflammatory effects. Furthermore, It works on pain-sensing systems to alleviate pain. CBD is also helpful in regulating sleep. A study revealed that 66.7% of patients reported improved sleep within a month. Also, anxiety scores decreased in 79.2% of patients.

Moreover, one important finding is that we could use CBD for treating drug addictions. To explain, CBD oil can modify the areas in the brain that relate to drug addiction. For example, a study on rats showed how CBD could reduce heroin-seeking behavior alongside morphine dependence.


All organic and natural substances for wellness are gaining popularity. However, it is crucial to consider the dangers you may be exposed to when taking addictive prescription drugs. At Hempeutics Pharmacy, we specialize in custom compounding CBD products to cater to our patient’s individual needs. Contact us for a free consultation from our in-house licensed pharmacist, Dr. Peggy, to discuss what options are best for you.







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