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On the search for the best CBD oil near Irvine? At Hempeutics Pharmacy in Huntington Beach, we’re just over 10 miles away and ready to offer top-quality CBD oil for every customer.

Why Visit Hempeutics for 

CBD Oil Near Irvine?

Irvine, CA is home to other CBD shops, so why should you make the trip to see us at Hempeutics? Here is a closer look at what you get when you visit our location.

We’re Founded by a Pharmacist and Focused on Your Wellness

Hempeutics Pharmacy near Irvine, CA was founded by a licensed pharmacist, Dr. Pegah Panahi, who set out on a mission to target health problems naturally before people needed commercial pharmaceuticals. Her profound knowledge of herbalism and hemp-derived cannabinoids for health has led her to dedicate her life to helping others on their wellness journeys.

Get Access to

Custom CBD Blends with Essential Oils

Whether you need a CBD oil blend that will help uplift your mood or something to target lingering inflammation from a prolonged illness, our team can compound a product that is specifically built for you. We use only organic ingredients, including essential oils, to create blends just for you. We can even help you with custom formulations if you need CBD for your pets.

Dr Pegah Panahi

Lab Tested

Quality CBD Oil

You may have access to other CBD oil near Irvine, but Hempeutics Pharmacy has especially stringent standards when it comes to the products we provide. Every CBD oil you find at our location will be:

  • Tested for potency
  • Assessed for quality
  • Free from unnecessary or questionable ingredients

The best CBD oil will target your ailments without being a risk to your body. Therefore, we are especially discerning about every product we offer to our customers.

We're Here for Your Personal Wellness Journey

CBD is such a fascinating hemp-derived component with so many potential benefits for your health. However, to reap the benefits, you need a high-quality, well-made CBD oil formula. Come see us at Hempeutics Pharmacy so we can ensure that is exactly what you get.

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