CBD Oil Helped My Arthritis Pain

CBD for arthritis

Posted on January 24th, 2021 to CBD Oil

Arthritic pain can stop you from enjoying simple things. Unfortunately, advanced arthritis can cause more than pain and discomfort; it can put your life’s essential functions on hold. However, there are natural ways for healing that should be considered as long term solutions. Today we chatted with Judy from Laguna Woods about why she manages her arthritis pain with CBD oil

1. How Long Have You Had Arthritis Pain?

Oh my, I have been dealing with arthritis since the mid-nineties. At first, it would get in the way of writing and typing. Then, I worked with my husband’s business helping with accounting. As I’ve grown older, it has only progressed.

2. How Have You Managed Your Arthritis Pain? 

I have tried everything; you name it! Lotions, potions, stretches, diets. I have tried it all. However, nothing worked long term.

3. Why Did You Try CBD Oil? 

Good question! I was chatting with my granddaughter about crocheting and got a little emotional about not being able to crochet anymore. The pain from arthritis was overwhelming and not worth the joy of creating. Consequently, she mentioned how her tennis coach uses CBD oil to help with arthritic pain, and I wondered if it is suitable for someone active. Welp, I might as well give it a go. So, I started researching what CBD oil is and does.

4. What Information Did You Find About CBD Use? 

Endless information! I want to say it was almost too much. Finally, I found Hempeutics Pharmacy’s information on Google and just gave the number a call.

5. Why Did You Call Hempeutics Pharmacy? 

It was nice to see a shop close to Laguna Woods owned and operated by a pharmacist. Additionally, I wanted to talk to someone who understands my medications and would be knowledgeable about modern medicine.

6. How is Your Arthritis Since Using CBD Oil? 

CBD oil has stopped my arthritis pain. It is fantastic to lift pots and pans in the kitchen and not worry about possibly dropping them. Also, I am no longer struggling with crocheting, and even when I feel a flare-up, it isn’t near the pain I felt before. As an older person, I want to be able to enjoy my life without struggling to hold a pen. Additionally, I want to be able to use a knife and not worry about whether my grip will fail me. It is a night and difference. 

7. Would You revisit Hempeutics Pharmacy? 

Since we are in a pandemic, I didn’t get to go in person. However, I would definitely use them again. Everyone was friendly and helpful, and I was able to work with Dr. Pegah directly. She also spoke with me about my issues over the phone and made a plan with me.

Even better, I never had to leave Laguna Woods. When my remedy was ready, they delivered it to my door. Hence, I would recommend this to anyone who is struggling with arthritis pain. I can’t wait to start working on some blankets. 

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