Where Can I Buy CBD Oil in Orange County – at Hempeutics Pharmacy in Huntington Beach

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Posted on December 15th, 2020 to CBD Shop

A popular question local folks have is, where can I buy CBD oil in Orange County CA? Well, look no further! Hempeutics Pharmacy just opened its doors in surf city USA, Huntington Beach California.

Who is Hempeutics Pharmacy?

Hempeutics Pharmacy is the passion project of Pharmacist Dr. Peggy. After a decade of working as a Pharmacist, Dr. Panahi found herself overwhelmed by the suffering.

“I continued to see the same people, young people, old people, looking for answers for their ailments and not finding long term solutions. Many become codependent upon a treatment with no end in sight. Is this the type of treatment that I would want my loved ones to have? No. So I decided to take my knowledge of western medicine and apply it to herbalism.”

What is Hempeutics Pharmacy’s Approach to CBD Oil?

Leveraging Dr. Panahi’s background in compounding medicine, the goal of Hempeutics Pharmacy’s CBD oil remedies is to create custom treatments for each patient. Whether they are looking for CBD oil to help with:

  • Anxiety
  • Addiction
  • Depression
  • Pain Management
  • Sleep Disorders
  • General Wellness

Whatever the initial ailment, Dr. Panahi approaches the use of CBD oil as a longitudinal remedy for each individual person.

Why Choose Hempeutics for CBD Oil in Orange County?

Hempeutics Pharmacy was created to support those in search of long-term wellness, whether they live in Huntington Beach, Orange County, or beyond. Rather than spending time trying several general CBD oil, look to visiting Hempeutics. Each Hempeutics house-branded product is created as an individual solution for health based on each individual’s specific needs.

If you’ve become frustrated looking for answers to your health concerns. What will it hurt to try a CBD oil made for you?

We hope to see you soon and discuss how CBD oil can benefit your wellness goals. Do you have more questions? Contact us HERE.

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