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Dr. Peggy's Story

Getting To Know

Dr. Pegah Panahi

Dr. Pegah (Peggy) Panahi has spent a lifetime in search of knowledge about herbalism, natural remedies, and alternative medicine. While Dr. Panahi began her career in traditional pharmacies as a pharmacist, she was never quite pleased with how those health establishments functioned or how patients were treated. Her passion has always been her patients and helping those patients on their path to wellness, especially through natural healing. However, the traditional pharmaceutical route of treatment didn’t really offer that opportunity.

Dr Pegah Panahi

Why Hempeutics?

Recognizing a Need for Change

With a history in the medical field as a pharmacist, Dr. Panahi recognized the profound need for a change in how patients view achieving wellness goals and the types of solutions available. Dr. Panahi became frustrated with the fact that some medications prescribed came along with more risks than healing potential. She found patients were often getting treatments they didn’t understand. Even more concerning, she realized some were developing an addiction to medications that they were led to believe would help. The doctor’s growing concern for her patients set her on a path to find a more effective way to truly help people without unnecessary medications and questionable side effects. This is where the idea of Hempeutics Clinic was born.

A Passionate Vision:

A Holistic Clinic to Truly Help People

The Hempeutics Pharmacy was built around the idea that there was a better way to help people with their wellness goals. Dr. Panahi worked tirelessly to build an establishment that delivered products that were wholly meant to help and not harm the patient. Through creating routines, offering science-backed remedies, and educating patients, Dr. Panahi believed her patients could truly find positive solutions to their ailments. The Hempeutics Pharmacy is an act of love from one doctor who is well-versed in the holistic methods of taking care of the body and mind.

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