How Long Should I Wait To See The Effects Of CBD?

How Long Should I Wait To See The Effect Of CBD?

Posted on February 3rd, 2022 to Information

In recent years, the CBD market has skyrocketed in popularity. People have started using its different products for themselves as well as their pets and educating themselves about the various benefits and effects of CBD. Knowledge about how CBD works in the body and how long it takes to show its effects have been circulating over the internet. If you have ever wondered how long it takes for CBD to work, then you are not alone.

To understand how long you should wait to see the effect of CBD, you first need to learn the basics of CBD and how different methods of administration can impact its effects.

In general, CBD reaches the bloodstream within 20 minutes to 2 hours, depending on the administration method. There are different factors that contribute to when and what kind of effects CBD will have. One is the amount or dosage of the CBD that is being consumed. Consistency and quality of the product are also important. Another factor is the type of CBD being consumed; for example, full-spectrum CBD, broad-spectrum CBD, and CBD isolate. Each factor plays an important role in how quickly you will start to feel the benefits of CBD.

However, for anyone who is taking CBD for treatment of a serious condition, consistency and patience are essential components of the wellness journey. If you would like to learn more about the variables that affect the time of the effects of CBD, then read on this write-up!

1. Method Of Consumption:

There are many different methods to consume CBD. From CBD tinctures to CBD topicals to vapes, each of these methods has a different impact on the absorption rate of the product and on how quickly it will reach your bloodstream. This phenomenon is called bioavailability. When using CBD products, it is important to understand this phenomenon as it impacts the final results.

2. What Is CBD Bioavailability?

Bioavailability is a time frame under which the CBD products get absorbed and reach the bloodstream. Each product form has a different absorption rate, and we have listed a few of them right below;

● Topicals- Research has not been quantified but approximately 10%-20%

● Oral Products – 6%-33%

● Sublingual Products- 6%-35%

● Inhaling forms – 31%-50%

3. Dosage & Potency of CBD:

The amount or dosage you are consuming on a daily basis will impact the time frame of its effects. This means you need to calculate the right doses as per your needs and maintain their consistency. The right dosage of a potent CBD product will show its effect within a specific time frame and will deliver the best results.

4. Individual Biology:

The most important factor that affects the results of CBD is your own body composition. Every individual does not react the same to specific products. So, CBD’s effects may take time depending on the following factors;

● Your body weight

● Metabolism

● Endocannabinoid balance

● Your gender

● Health Condition

To understand the measurement of dosage and specific body needs, you can consult with our in-house licensed pharmacist, Dr. Peggy, for better guidance and detailed information.

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