Retired Marine Finds Pain Relief With CBD Oil

Pain relief with CBD oil

Posted on January 21st, 2021 to CBD Oil

Since opening Hempeutics Pharmacy, the team has found that CBD can help people from all walks of life. For example, recently, we helped a new customer with a custom remedy design to help provide him pain relief with CBD oil. After an entire career in the Marines, Rick Molinas struggled with pain in his knees and ankles. He told us that his aspirin regime led to blood pooling in arms.

Feeling Hopeless

“So my daughters were not happy about the bruising on my arms. They forced me to go to the doctor, and my doctor told me to get off the aspirin because I was taking so much it was thinning my blood like crazy. I didn’t know what to do to help with my dang knees,” said Molinas.

Rather than face defeat, Molinas began to do some investigating. He was reading about different pain management technics, and he came across a group talking about CBD.

CBD is Not Pot

“I am reading through all these comments on this forum wondering. How is CBD different than pot? Suddenly, I came across a post about the exact question, and it was explaining how they come from hemp plants, but the chemical that causes the high doesn’t exist in the CBD heavy plants. So I figured it might be worth trying if I can keep my wits about me.”

Molinas then began to look into local places that may carry CBD products for pain. “I got to googling and kept finding weed dispensaries. I don’t feel comfortable going into a pot joint, so I was relieved to find a pharmacy that specialized in CBD.”

Hempeutics Pharmacy’s Approach

Like Molinas, many people struggle with pain management and seek safe solutions to support their ailments. Molinas appreciated the custom approach to his remedy, “When discussing my pain and what I had experienced, Dr. Peggy helped me. She heard me and made me something just for my specific pain.”

For those looking for pain relief with CBD oil, the Hempeutics team wants to help you. Contact us here for a free consultation.

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