What is A Hemp Pharmacy?

Dr Pegah Panahi

Posted on September 15th, 2021 to CBD Shop

We have associated the word “pharmacy” with artificial pharmaceuticals for many years. However, throughout history, pharmacies have been known establishments where people could go to find advice about their health, guidance on a path of wellness, and even natural remedies. A hemp pharmacy is more than synthetic drugs and instead relies on compounding the derivatives of hemp and other plants essential to health and wellness.

What is a CBD pharmacy exactly?

A CBD pharmacy often called a hemp pharmacy, is a holistic pharmacy that specializes in plant-based medicine, primarily plant-based products derived from hemp. Additionally, these innovative establishments focus on taking a natural approach to wellness and healing by administering products that, according to research, offer a wealth of benefits for the human body.

The Value of Working with a CBD Pharmacy

Unlike traditional pharmacies, a hemp pharmacy employs natural remedies to cater to patients and clients. Furthermore, the primary focus of a hemp pharmacy may be to offer formulas created from the cannabinoids found in hemp, like CBD (cannabidiol) and CBG (cannabigerol). However, these establishments also often utilize other profoundly effective, plant-based solutions like essential oils and herbals to create wholly natural, highly effective solutions. For example, at Hempeutics Pharmacy, we specialize in plant-based medicine, essential oil compounding, and CBD and hemp-derived agents.

What to Expect from Our Best Hemp Pharmacy

Hemp pharmacies are not completely common. In fact, there is only one known licensed hemp pharmacy, Hempeutics. Here are a few attributes to look for that we proudly boast at Hempeutics Pharmacy.

A Board-Certified and Licensed Pharmacist

To operate as an authentic pharmacy, a hemp pharmacy needs the clinical health insight of a board-certified and licensed pharmacist. These professionals spend years studying human biology and how specific compounds and elements found in nature could target wellness goals.

Customized Solutions to Target Specific Needs

Customized solutions are fundamental to health and wellness. Each individual has a different set of wellness goals, an impressive list of ailments, and a definition of ‘healthy’. The best hemp pharmacy offers customized solutions built around those ideas.

Direct Consultations to Discuss Personal Wellness Goals

Direct consultation allows a pharmacist to get a good understanding of what you need. With this one-on-one consultation, you are more likely to get a solution that works best for you and your wellness plans.

Partner Laboratory for Product Testing

We send every ingredient to the lab for quality testing before the formulation and after creating the end product. Most hemp pharmacies source essential oils and cannabinoid-rich extracts from other vendors. Hence, testing these ingredients before using them in solutions is crucial.

Find Your Way to Our Hemp Pharmacy and See Wellness in a New Light

Hempeutics Pharmacy in Huntington Beach, CA, is one of the few CBD pharmacies in the state that is registered with the Board of Pharmacy. Established and directed by a board-certified pharmacist, Dr. Panahi, our plant-based pharmacy delivers natural, holistic solutions to help you on your wellness journey. Get more familiar with who we are and what we have to offer at Hempeutics Pharmacy.

Written by Dr. Pegah Panahi

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