Who we are

Who We Are


Hempeutics clinic specializes in plant-based holistic medicine and essential oil compounding. A passion project led by Dr. Pegah Panahi, began out of a need to minimize the suffering of others. We are healers providing medical-grade CBD in our CBD store in Huntington Beach, CA. We can help you experience relief with the best CBD oil for pain relief, seizure medication, and much more.

Dr. Panahi spent her career in search of knowledge. All the while, developing an interest in herbalism, alternative medicine, and natural remedies. Dedicated to creating a sustainable prevention regimen for patients in research of relief from pain and suffering. The goal for this holistic clinic is prevention and harm reduction. Hempeutics Clinic is looking to stop problems before they require commercial pharmaceuticals.

A Personal Wellness Journey

Located in Huntington Beach, CA, Hempeutics Clinic is the starting point for those on the path towards complete personal wellness.

While focused on wellness and natural healing, Hempeutics Clinic is more than a traditional wellness store.

Hempeutics Clinic is one of the few CBD/plant-based medicine shops operated as a natural alternative holistic clinic. Our ethos is based on the following questions:

Is it moral? Is it right? Is it helping? Is it hurting?

Patients Are People

After spending time in traditional pharmacies, our founder Dr. Pegah Panahi noticed a growing trend — patients being prescribed medications they didn’t really need. This was often due to prescribing errors, a lack of patient based education, and/or drug withdrawal.

Frustrated, Dr. Panahi wanted to find a way to help truly heal people versus continuing the cycle of unnecessary medication. Dr. Panahi views her patients as part of her family and became distressed to find that many were developing an addiction to prescription drugs.

Hempeutics Clinic is an act of love, giving Dr. Panahi the ability to focus on creating routines and remedies meant to help and not harm patients. We take a science-based approach to all product development and compounding. Helping patients understand the role that diet and exercise play in their health, as well as providing plant medicine, Dr. Panahi creates proactive solutions for many ailments.

Hempeutics Pharmacy

Custom CBD Remedies

If you have struggled to maintain or regain your health, look no further. Hempeutics Clinic in Huntington Beach is creating custom herbal and CBD based remedies for people just like you.

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